Haunted Humpday

Here we are. It's finally October!
Happy Haunted Humpday #6
I wish I could say I'm savoring cool cloudy days wrapped in a cozy scarf and warm boots. Alas the sun hangs around much longer here in Tomatoland and although the early mornings and late nights are  cooler, it's still not warm enough to bring out my favorite fall pieces. As I type this post I'm sitting here in my kitchen in a tank top and flip flops. But at least the AC can finally stop running.
I've been mentally working on my Broomsticks on the Bayou party post. Gathering ideas and props, looking through my stash of New Orleans what nots. Mambo is a little doll I've had for a few years. I ordered him from an artist in New Orleans and I carry him around in a carpet bag I use as a travel bag for overnight trips. I'm hoping he'll start to really inspire me very soon.
I'm also in love with this bewitching book that Marfi suggested. It's a book of Halloween ideas for grown ups and there's actually a section in it for a New Orleans style party.
It's deliciously clever and creative, artsy without being cutesy.
You can find it HERE if you so desire.
Speaking of books, this is one I've had for a long time. I bought it at an antique shop and for the longest time I didn't touch it. There was something about it that kept me from going through the pages. Maybe it was the thought of other souls getting goose bumps as they held this same book in their hands one eerie October eve.
I finally started reading one or two of the tales but there are still a handful I have yet to explore. If I'm brave I'll try to finish another one this month.
October is my favorite month for lots of reasons. Halloween being one of them of course, but it's also my son's birthday month and this year he turns 17! He was Frodo 10 years ago when this picture was taken. I took him trick-or-treating in a charming town not too far from us. I'm thrilled that he shares my love of Halloween so October is our month. I just wish it wouldn't go by so fast.
How many of you are looking forward to next week's premiere of American Horror Story: Coven?
I'll admit I didn't follow the first 2 seasons because I'm not particularly a horror fan but I do love a good story and great cinematography. Season 3 is about witches, voodoo and New Orleans and believe it or not I didn't know about it before we decided on BotB. I've been watching all the trailers which are wonderfully creepy so I'm excited to see it. I just don't know if I'll make it through the entire season but I can't wait.

Don't forget it's only 17 days away from the party!

Are you ready?
Happy Haunted Humpday
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Incipient Wings said...

That book looks awesome!
I bet the stories are great!
It should be on a stand like the book in hocus pocus!
Sebastian looks adorable as frodo:)
Love your little doll it's sooo cute!
Thanks for posting...
Happy Haunted Humpday!!

DogsMom said...

Funny how similar your mind and mine are working this week. I hit a thrift store a few days ago thinking look for N'Orleans, think jazz, French, voodoo, gypsy... and I came out with a spooky book.
Mentally preparing but my BotB story is still just wisps of thought energy.

Kim said...

Beautiful post as always, love the books...and I'm also looking forward to AHS Coven. I liked the first season, hated the second season...really hoping the 3rd is the charm! HHHD!

Tilda said...

I have that Halloween costume book and I love it! I get it out every year for inspiration :)

Ms Misantropia said...

We are SO looking forward to AHS season 3! I was brought down by the horrible reality behind all the asylum horror of last season. I love supernatural horror, but all the degrading and vicious things we humans do to each other - it's just not entertaining. But I can't wait for witches and voodoo :)

Laura said...

I can't wait for AHS: Coven to start next week. I started watching the first season when it came out but didn't finish it and didn't see any of last seasons.
I wish I could participate in Broomsticks on the Bayou as it is right up my alley so to speak but my house is on the market and I can't get any of my "good stuff" out of storage. :-(
I hope there will be another chance next year!

Hindustanka said...

Magical pictures, Anna! Loved the spooky books they seem really something to savour!
I am still wondering what I write about New Orleans, but surely will come up with smth, soon :)

Anonymous said...

Those books look so great !! What a great picture of your son.
The series looks interesting. I don't think it has arrived in The Netherlands yet, maybe it will !!
Have a magical day.

Mexitali Rose said...

I feel like the white rabbit late for an important date. I can't wait for American Horror Story! Possible Halloween costume for this year...I'm still in flip flops too,I can't complain about this Nor Cal weather my bones chill to easily. Have a great weekend.

Sunshineshelle said...

I have seen a LOT of your button on sites I have been visiting via Magaly's blogfest, then I saw Oma Linda's post virtually insisting a visit would be worthwhile LOL, yep, you dear have one of the most wonderful, delicious (Zombie anyone?) blogs I have had to pleasure to visit, I hope to continue to visit and soak up your visual treats and of course intend to follow. :)