Autumn in Midsummer

I woke up to an overcast and blustery Sunday today. A brisk cold wind greeted me when I stepped outside to let Isis, my newest fur baby out. Hard to believe the first day of Summer just passed and even harder to believe that one week from now we're expecting 107 degree days. So I savored this autumn like day and found myself wanting to create, something I haven't really done in a while.

Isis was one of the pit bulls I worked with at the shelter through the pit bull rescue group I volunteer with. She was so much fun to train and had such a sweet, silly personality. It was so hard for me to try to get her adopted because I kept falling in love with her and after about 2 months I decided to foster her. A few days later we decided to adopt her.
She and my Luna are still in the very early stages of getting to know each other. Luna is definitely not happy about having this new intruder in her house so she's mostly hiding in the bedroom. I'm crossing my fingers that Isis will be good to her and that they'll eventually get along.
Much to my delight Isis doesn't mind being dressed up. We were in a parade last weekend and she happily wore a vest, scarf and a paper tutu! She'll patiently sit to have her scarf tied on and even let me put a glittery foam tiara on her head.
Since we're walking in our neighborhood 4th of July parade I decided to make her a fun tulle tutu this morning. She let me try it on her several times and finally posed for her picture when it was done.
For a great super easy tutorial on how to make your own doggie tutu
visit Pitlandia.
Although I haven't been doing a lot of art lately I still pick up my paint brushes now and then. This is a painting of Lola, another one of the wonderful pit bulls I was training. She recently found her forever home and is now named Athena. Though I'm always happy to see our pups get adopted it's always bittersweet for me because I really love all of them.
I hope you had a magical solstice.
Happy Summer and have a safe 4th!


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see you once more. What a lovely fur baby you found! I am sure all the fur babies will get along soon. Enjoy the cooler days before the heat.
Hugs and Sparkles

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Aw! Isis is so cute in her adorable tutu! You are such a special person helping such a misunderstood breed. Blessings to you!

Lovely post, and I want to see photos of the Independence Day Parade! *hint, hint*


Magaly Guerrero said...

Isis is such a beautiful girl, and the tutu is just too lovely. I'm sure she'll be good to Luna.

Linda Wildenstein said...

So happy to see you here. Even happier that you are one of the wonderful animal lovers who care for and help facilitate forever homes for pits. I like you even more now and that is hard to do cuz you were a goodie before I knew your animal loving ways. Happy Solstice and can't wait to see pics of Isis in the parade. Oma Linda

Leanne said...

Oh, my friend . . . I've been thinking of you!!! I ran across a photo of that amazing package of creative goodies you sent me years ago (do you remember? It still is one of the VERY BEST THINGS I EVER received in the mail!! EVER!!!) So wonderful to here about your furry friend adventures! I miss your creative updates (paintings and those beautiful dresses!), but it is still so good to see you here! Big hugs!

Incipient Wings said...

Great to see a new post up from you.
Isis looks very glamorous in her tutu!
Hope you have a great time at the parade:)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky that she doesn't mind being dressed up. She looks like a lovely dog! :)

Linda said...

Have been thinking about you, hope that things are good in your life. I love the costumes you made for your furry ones, they look great. They don't look as though they mind it.

Happy to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, so great to hear from you. Your pup looks so sweet !!
The artwork is wonderful. I hope you have a lot of fun during the parade !!

Jennifer said...

D'awww!!!! That dog dressed in a tutu is just the most adorable thing ever. :) Congrats on the newest furkid.