still feeling spooky

Well there goes another Halloween. I hope yours was safe and fun and for those of you out on the east coast dealing with the hurricane I hope you are safe and well. We enjoyed our spooky pumpkin day and feel blessed to have great weather. It was perfect in fact, just the right amount of clouds all day with the rain staying away until the end of the night to scare off the last of the trick-or-treaters.
My son and I had a blast making last minute decorations all week. I bought a couple of sheets of black poster board and we kept adding more stuff to our front window. He came up with the grim reaper for the top of the window.
I made more spooky fence silhouettes to give our graveyard a backdrop and we put one of our last minute ghouls on a lamp behind the fence. My son thought of doing the hands coming through the shutters.
The black tube behind the tombstones is part of my son's fog machine contraption. It's attached to a cooler filled with ice which chills the fog juice and lets it creep along the ground. The front of our house is pretty bare right now other than a large tree near the sidewalk. But while I was driving around yesterday I saw a pile of tree clippings waiting to be picked up for recycling. I thought they could work with our decor so I loaded them into my jeep and they were perfect for our haunted cottage and graveyard.
The crowds were a little smaller than usual. I think the coming rain kept a lot of them indoors so we have lots of extra candy this year. But it's always fun seeing all the kids costumes and watching them and their parents enjoying our decorations. I went darker and more sinister this year and I have to say I loved it. Some of the little kids were actually afraid to walk up to the front door! I always love dark and eerie but I'm also learning to embrace ghoulish and creepy. Maybe having a teen does that. I don't like guts and gore though, I just don't have the stomach for it yet but who knows.
Today is Dia de los Muerstos, the Day of the Dead. If you celebrate this beautiful tradition I hope you're enjoying it with your friends and loved ones
Image source: Cultural Intrigue
I'm never ready to take Halloween down and if my son had his way it would be up all year. This morning he was already plotting next year's theme. He said something about using the garage. That's my boy!
This October was lots of fun and just more hectic than I anticipated. I finally got caught up on emails and thank yous and the last of my packages are finally on their way. Thank you to all of you for helping to make this a magical season for me again. It means more to me than you know.
Happy November and enjoy the rest of Fall.


ArtSings1946 said...

Such a nice post Anna ... I especially liked that the first thing you mentioned was the folks up in the North East where Sandy hit. I am so upset about what has happened there and try to send positive energy their way.

Love all your Day Of The Dead pictures. Love that art.

Happiness Always,


Awe love it. I wish I could have treated at your home! Awesome decor!!!!!

Linda said...

Really nice Anna. I like the sinister look also. Not sure if you saw my Halloween post...when you get a chance..
Your decor looks great. We had very few kids this year...Last year it was 50...this year was 15.
Of course the weather did not co-operate...was 40 and rainny.. Glad that your Halloween was awesome.

Hindustanka said...

what a great spooky house you came up for Halloween, Anna! I am glad you had such incredibly nice time with family. I also had fun, you can check my blog:)
Be safe and secure! Anna

Anonymous said...

What wonderful ideas you always have. I love it and a lot of my decorations stay up all year ;) You never know, you might keep some up.
Hugs and sparkles

Celia said...

how fun!!! i would love to come visit your house for halloween!!! then we could visit and have some hot apple cider or hot chocolate!!